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Red Dragon Kung Fu Hoodie, handmade with the highest level of craftsmanship. The Hoodie features an embroidered chest design with a bold and vibrant printed back design.

Available in sizes 2-3 years up to 3XL for adults, this 300gsm 50% Polyester/50% cotton Hoodie is perfect for all members of the Red Dragon Kung Fu club. Not only does it boast a stunning appearance, but it offers a super soft feel for maximum comfort during training and everyday wear. Show off your martial arts style with this eye-catching and high-quality Hoodie.

Child Sizes DO NOT have a a Hood Draw Cord


2/3 - 22in

3/4 - 24in

5/6 - 26in

7/8 - 28in

9/10 - 30in

11/12 - 32in

13 - 34in

S - 36/38in

M - 40/42in

L - 44in

XL - 46in

XXL- 48in

XXXL - 50in

Red Dragon Kung Fu Hoodie

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